artificially natural**

This photo series tries to investigate the concept of natural vs. unnatural and attempts to shed light on ideas of reality. I shot various (stereotype, common or "popular") nature imagery, and (or nature imitation) found in everyday life such as the depiction of birds on a bus, mural of landscape on the walls, etc in these photographs. By directly juxtaposed them in stark contrast against their real environments, we can start to question our preconceived ideas of reality and the blurring of the realities that can occur in the most mundane environments.

*all of these photographs are (still) being exhibited in Here Come The Lomoheads exhibition at Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from May 27 - June 9, 2008.

here come the lomoheads

What the Hell Is Lomoheads?

Lomoheads is a group of artists who usually use video and/or professional photography equipment/media, both in digital and analog mode to create their works / projects. Until one day, they discovered some kind of plastic cameras with such humble technology, popularized by Lomography, which are able to create amazing pictures with relatively cheap cost. The result produced by these cameras has drawn exceptional attention from the Lomoheads.

Who the Hell Are They?
They are the people who agree on the following quote, “Depth of feeling is more important than depth of field.” They are the people who believe that “if it’s plastic, it’s fantastic.” (Don Brice – Toycam Handbook, 2005). They are the people who treat plastic cameras just the same as other ordinary cameras. Moreover, they understand the characters of the cameras, and are captivated with a photography project, which in it the ideas and characters of the pictures produced by the cameras’ simple technology could experience some kind of interconnected exploration.